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Mnemosyne: A Journal of Classical Studies / Editors-in-chief: H. Pinkster, P. H. Schrijvers, H. S. Versnel, [...]
Brill Academic Publishers, 1999-2003, Leiden , (periodic) cca 130 p., ISSN 0026-7074
Topics (ro): literatura antica - literatura latina - literatura greaca; filosofie antica greaca; studii clasice
Topics (en): ancient literature - Latin literature - Greek literature; ancient Greek philosophy; classical studies
Position: Periodic UDC: 008(38)
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Religion and the Arts: A Journal from Boston College/ Editor: Dennis Taylor; Associate Editor: Jeffery Howe
Brill Academic Publishers, 2006; 2011, Leiden , (periodic) 330p., ISSN 1079-9265
Topics (ro): arhitectura - cultura - sculptura; hermeneutica - teologie; muzica - pictura - spectacol - fotografie; religie - credinta
Topics (en): architecture - culture - sculpture; hermeneutics - theology; music - painting - performance - photography; religion - belief
Position: periodic UDC: 72/77

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Research in Phenomenology/ Editor: John Sallis; Associate Editor: James Risser
Brill Academic Publishers, 2005, Leiden , (periodic) cca 362p., ISSN 0085-5553
Topics (ro): fenomenologie - filosofie; transcendentalism; asimetrie si transcendenta
Topics (en): phenomenology - philosophy; transcendentalism; asymmetry and transcendence
Position: periodic UDC: 165.62(051)

4. *
Numen: International Review for the History of Religions/ Editors: Einnar Thomassen, Gustavo Benavides; Book Review Editor: Maya Burger
Brill Academic Publishers, 2006, Leiden , (periodic) pp.133-252, ISSN 1568-5276
Topics (ro): istoria religiilor - studii academice; fenomen religios - religie contemporana
Topics (en): history of religion - academic studies ; religious phenomenon - contemporary religious
Position: Periodic UDC: 291

5. *
Science of Religion/ Editor: Katja Triplett; Associate Editor: Seong-Hee Choi
Brill Academic Publishers, 2005, Leiden, Boston , (periodic) 232p., ISSN 0165-8794
Topics (ro): stiinta religiei; bibliografie - studiul religiei - articole
Topics (en): science of religion; bibliography - study of religion - articles
Position: Periodic UDC: 291

6. *
Archiv für Religionspsychologie = Archive for the Psychology of Religion/ Editors: Jacob A. Belzen; Leslie J. Francis and Ralph Hood
Brill Academic Publishers, 2006, Leiden, Boston , (periodic) x, 378p., ISSN 0084-6724
Topics (ro): psihologia religiei - arhiva; perspective conceptuale si teoretice - psihologia religiilor
Topics (en): psychology of religion - archive; conceptual and theoretical perspectives - psychology of religion
Position: Periodic UDC: 291

7. *
Biblical Interpretation: A Journal of Contemporary Approaches/ Executive Editor: J. Cheryl Exum; Book review Editor: Alice Bach
Brill Academic Publishers, 2006, Leiden , (periodic) pp.309-424, ISSN 0927-2569
Topics (ro): biblie - interpretare - abordari contemporane; text biblic - tehnici de interpretare
Topics (en): Bible, the - interpretation - contemporary approaches; biblical text - techniques of interpretation
Position: Periodic UDC: 291

8. *
Mission Studies: Journal of the International association for Mission Studies/ Editor: Lalsangkima Pachuau; Associated Editors: Catherine Rae Ross, J. Jayakiran Sebastian, Paolo Suess; Book Review Editor: Paul V. Kollman
Brill Academic Publishers, 2006, Leiden, Boston , (periodic) 166p., ISSN 0168-9789
Topics (ro): studii biblice; biblia - lectura - studii misionare
Topics (en): Biblical studies; Bible, the - reading - mission studies
Position: Periodic UDC: 291

9. *
Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religions/ Editor Theo P. J. van den Hout
Brill Academic Publishers, 2004, Leiden, Boston , (periodic) 186p., ISSN 1569-2116
Topics (ro): studii de religie - antichitate - Orientul Apropiat
Topics (en): religious studies - antiquity - Near East
Position: Periodic UDC: 291

10. *
Exchange: Journal of Missiological and Ecumenical Research/ Executive Editor: Freek L. Bakker
Brill Academic Publishers, 2006, Leiden , (periodic) pp.255-346, ISSN 0166-2740
Topics (ro): teologie interculturala; dialog inter-religios; cercetari misiologice si ecumenice
Topics (en): intercultural theology; inter-religious dialogue; missiological and ecumenical research
Position: Periodic UDC: 291

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