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M / E / A / N / I / N / G: An Anthology of Artists' Writings, Theory, and Criticism / edited by Susan Bee & Mira Schor; with a foreword by Johanna Drucker
Duke University Press, 2000, Durham & London , (carte) xxiv, 468 p., ISBN 0-8223-2566-7
Topics (ro): post-feminism; feminismul in arta; teoria artei; feminism; arta moderna - sec. XX - SUA; arta americana; arta - critica; artisti (femei) - SUA; subiectivitate - pictura (arta); estetica - arta
Topics (en): post-feminism; feminism in art; art theory; feminism; modern art - 20th century, the - USA; American art; fine arts - criticism; female artistis - USA; subjectivity - painting (fine arts); aesthetics - fine arts
Position: U.017-BEE UDC: 396:75.01
Series: Art criticism / Feminism
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

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Gaze and Voice as Love Objects/ Renata Salecl and Slavoj Zizek, editors
Duke University Press, 1996, Durham and London , (carte) 256p., ISBN 0-8223-1813-X
Topics (ro): critica si teorie literara - psihanaliza; voce - studii culturale; privire - studii culturale
Topics (en): literary criticism and theory - psychoanalysis; voice - cultural studies; sight - cultural studies
Position: Se-SAL UDC: 821.07/.08
Series: Sic; 1
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

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Psychobiography and Life Narratives / edited by Dan P. McAdams and Richard L. Ochberg
Duke University Press, 1988, Durham and London , (carte) 340 p., ISBN 0-8223-0892-4
Topics (ro): constructie psihosociala - personalitate; psihologie - metode biografice; personalitate - cercetare - metodologie
Topics (en): psycho-social construction - personality; psychology - biographical methods; personality - research - methodology
Position: CCIP-Cluj UDC: 155.2
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

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Poetics Today: International Journal for Theory and Analysis of Literature and Communication/ Editor: Meir Sternberg; Assistant Editor: Orly Lubin
Duke University Press, 1999-2000, Durham NC , (periodic) , ISSN 0333-5372
Topics (ro): poetica; stilistica; teoria literaturii; estetica
Topics (en): poetics; stylistics; literary theory; aesthetics
Position: periodic UDC: 82.08

5. *
French Historical Studies/ Society for French Historical Studies; Rachel Fuchs, Kent Wright [Editors]
Duke University Press on behalf of the Society for French Historical Studies, 2013, Durham , (periodic)
Topics (ro): studii istorice - istorie franceza
Topics (en): historical studies - French history
Position: periodic UDC: 94(44)(07)

6. Anand, Nikhil; Gupta, Akhil; Appel, Hannah [Eds]; Harvey, Penny; Schwenkel, Christina; Schnitzler, Antina von; Larkin, Brian; Bowker, Geoffrey C.; Boyer, Dominic
The promise of infrastructure / Nikhil Anand, Akhil Gupta, and Hannah Appel, editors; Penny Harvey, Christina Schwenkel, Antina von Schnitzler, Brian Larkin, Geoffrey C. Bowker, Dominic Boyer
Duke University Press, 2018, Durham and London , (carte) vi, 256p., ISBN 978-1-4780-0018-1
Topics (ro): infrastructura (economie) - aspecte sociale; infrastructura (economie) - aspecte politice; dezvoltare economica - aspecte sociale; tehnologie - aspecte sociale
Topics (en): Infrastructure (Economics) -- Social aspects; Infrastructure (Economics) -- Political aspects; Economic development - Social aspects; technology - social aspects
Position: P-ANA UDC: 363.6
Series: School for Advanced Research advanced seminar series
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

7. Axel, Brian Keith (ed.); Dirks, Nicholas B.; Asad, Talal; Silverblatt, Irene; Silverstein, Paul A.; Stoler, Ann Laura; Trouillot, Michel-Rolph; Cohn, Bernard S.; Silvio, Teri; Comaroff, John L.; Comaroff, Jean
From the Margins: Historical Anthropology and Its Futures / edited by Brian Keith Axel; Nicholas B. Dirks, Talal Asad,Irene Silverblatt, Paul A. Silverstein, Ann Laura Stoler, Michel-Rolph Trouillot, Bernard S. Cohn, Teri Silvio, John L. Comaroff, Jean Comaroff
Duke University Press, 2002, Durham and London , (carte) x, 313p., ISBN 0-8223-2888-7
Topics (ro): ethnoistorie - antropologie istorica; istorie sociala - colonialism
Topics (en): ethnohistory - historical anthropology; social history - colonialism
Position: P-AXE UDC: 909.04
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

8. Banerjee, Dwaipayan
Enduring Cancer: life, death, and diagnosis in Delhi/ Dwaipayan Banerjee
Duke University Press, 2020, Durham , (carte) 224p.: il., ISBN 978-1-4780-0955-9
Topics (ro): cancer - diagnostic - aspecte pshihologice - India; cancer - tratament - India; cancer - diagnostic - aspecte sociale - India
Topics (en): cancer - diagnosis - psyhcological aspects - india; cancer - treatment - India; cancer - diagnosis - social aspects - India
Position: P-BAN UDC: 616 (540)''20''
Series: Critical Global Health. Evidence, Efficacy, Ethnography
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

9. Beaulieu, Jill; Roberts, Mary [Eds.]; Benjamin, Roger; Cherry, Deborah; Clayson, Hollis; Crinson, Mark
Orientalism's Interlocutors: Painting, Architecture, Photography/ Edited by Jill Beaulieu and Mary Roberts
Duke University Press, 2002, Durham , (carte) xi, 228p., ISBN 0-8223-2874-7
Topics (ro): orientalism in arta - Europa; orientalism - aspecte sociale; pictori ai Maghrebului; feminism - Anglia - sec.XIX - femei care viziteaza Algeria; orientalism pe timp de razboi - Regnault, Henri
Topics (en): Orientalism in art - Europe; Orientalism - social aspects; painters of Maghreb; feminism - England - 19th c. - women visiting Algeria; wartime Orientalism - Regnault, Henri
Position: U.163-BEA UDC: 7.035orientalism
Series: Objects/ Histoires: Critical Perspectives on Art, MAterial Culture, Representation
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

10. Biddick, Kathleen
The Shock of Medievalism/ Kathleen Biddick
Duke University Press, 1998, Durham & London , (carte) x, 306p., ISBN 0-8223-2199-8
Topics (ro): medievalism; civilizatie medievala - studii; literatura medievala - istorie si critica; memorie si rememorare; alegorii ale vietii artificiale
Topics (en): medievalism; medieval civilization - studies; medieval literature - history and criticism; memory and rememoration; allegories of artificial life
Position: H.142-BID UDC: 930.85"03/13"
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

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