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Orders and Hierarchies in Late Medieval and Renaissance Europe/ Edited by Jeffrey Denton
MacMillan Press Ltd, 1999, London , (carte) xi, 206p., ISBN 0-333-67766-8
Topics (ro): heraldica - ierarhie; ordine - ierarhii - Europa - evul mediu tirziu - Renastere; ierarhie sociala; istorie - Europa - evul mediu - Renastere
Topics (en): heraldry - hierarchy; orders - hierarchies - Europe - Late Middle Ages - Renaissance; social hierarchy; history - Europe - Middle Ages - Renaissance
Position: H.14/.15-DEN UDC: 94(4)"13/15"
Series: Problems in Focus:Manchester
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

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Robinson Crusoe: Myths and Metamorphoses / edited by Lieve Spaas and Brian Stimpson
Macmillan Press Ltd, 1996, Hampshire - London , (carte) xviii, 328 p., ISBN 0-333-63173-0
Topics (ro): Robinson Crusoe, literatura engleza, sec. XVIII - mituri si metamorfoza; literatura engleza - critica si interpretare; Crusoe - canibalism si imperiu
Topics (en): Robinson Crusoe, English literature, 18th century - myths and metamorphoses; English literature - criticism and interpretation; Crusoe - cannibalism and empire
Position: T.3-DEF-Spa UDC: 821.111"17"
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

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The Occult in Early Modern Europe: A Documentary History/ edited and translated by P.G. Maxwell-Stuart
MacMillan Press Ltd, 1999, London , (carte) xvi, 242 p., ISBN 0-333-66815-5
Topics (ro): ocultism - Europa - epoca moderna - istorie; alchimie
Topics (en): occultism - Europe - modern era - history; alchemy
Position: C.10-MAX UDC: 133(4)(09)
Series: Documents in History Series
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

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Classical Theories of International Relations/ edited by Ian Clark and Iver B. Neumann
MacMillan Press Ltd; St. Antony's College, 1996, London; Oxford , (carte) xi, 267p., ISBN 0-312-21926-1
Topics (ro): relatii internationale - filosofie
Topics (en): international relations - philosophy
Position: H.173-CLA UDC: 327
Series: St. Antony's Series
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

5. *
What is history today...?/ edited by Juliet Gardiner
MacMillan Press Ltd, 1988, London , (carte) vi, 167p., ISBN 0-333-42226-0
Topics (ro): istorie - stiinta istoriei - sec.XX; istorie sociala; istorie politica; istorie militara; istorie economica; istoria religiei; istoria stiintei; istorie culturala; istoria artei; istorie intelectuala; istoria diplomatiei
Topics (en): history - history, science - 20th century; social history; political history; military history; economic history; the history of religion; history of science; cultural history; art history; intellectual history; history of diplomacy
Position: H.0-GAR UDC: 930"19"
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

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Contemporary Economic Theory: Radical Critiques of Neoliberalism/ Edited by Adriana Vlachou
MacMillan Press Ltd, 1999, London , (carte) xxix, 264 p., ISBN 0-333-75562-3
Topics (ro): economie - teorii contemporane - neoliberalism; economie radicala - teorie; economie - scoala neoclasica
Topics (en): economics - contemporary theories - neo-liberalism; radical economy - theory; economics - neoclassical school
Position: Jc-VLA UDC: 33
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

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Developments in Modern Historiography/ edited by Henry Kozicki; with an Introduction by Sidney Monas
MacMillan Press Ltd; The Open University, 1998, London , (carte) xiii, 197p., ISBN 0-333-74826-3
Topics (ro): istoriografie moderna - sec.XX; istorie - rationalism; cauzalitate - istorie; istorie - sociologie
Topics (en): modern historiography - 20th century; history - rationalism; causality - history; history - sociology
Position: H.0-KOZ UDC: 930"19"
Series: An OPen University Set Book
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

8. Allan, Stuart; Anderson, James; Bowler, Stephen; Collinge, Chris; Craig, Peter G.; Goodman, James; Ichijo, Atsuko; Khoo, Su-ming; O'Dowd, Liam; Parry, José; Parry, Noel; Reid, Irene A.; Roberts, Brian; Schroeder, Ralph; [...]
Nationalisms Old and New/ edited by Kevin J. Brehony and Naz Rassool
MacMillan Press Ltd, 1999, London , (carte) xix, 246 p., ISBN 0-333-71772-4
Topics (ro): nationalism etnic; nationalism - postmodernism; identitate etnica - identitate nationala; transnationalism; nationalism
Topics (en): ethnic nationalism; nationalism - postmodernism; ethnic identity - national identity; transnationalism; nationalism
Position: H.174-BRE UDC: 323.1
Series: Explorations in Sociology
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

9. Bacon, Edwin
The Gulag at War: Stalin's Forced Labour System in the Light of the Archives/ Edwin Bacon
MacMillan Press Ltd, 1996, London , (carte) xv, 190p., ISBN 0-333-67510-X
Topics (ro): istorie - stalinism; totalitarism - stalinism - munca fortata - Uniunea Sovietica; Rusia - lagare - munca fortata - stalinism - 1943-1947; Gulag - istorie
Topics (en): history - Stalinism; totalitarianism - Stalinism - forced labour - Soviet Union; Russia - concentration camps - forced labour - Stalinism - 1943-1947; Gulag - history
Position: H.1711-BAC UDC: 947"1934/1947"
Series: Studies in Soviet History and Society
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

10. Barry, Norman
An Introduction to Modern Political Theory / Norman Barry
Macmillan Press Ltd., 2000, London , (carte) xiv, 336 p., ISBN 0-333-91289-6
Topics (ro): stat - filosofie politica; autoritate si putere - stiinte poli; sisteme legale - stiinte politice; control social - psihologie sociala; feminism; individualism liberal - filosofie politica; filosofie politica - modernism; stiinte politice - teorie politic
Topics (en): state - political philosophy; governement and power - political sciences; legal systems - political sciences; social control - social psychology; feminism; liberal individualism - political philosophy; political philosophy - modernism; political sciences
Position: J.01-BAR UDC: 32.01
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

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