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1. Abakunova, Anna; Budz, Kateryna; Kulikov, Volodymyr; Osipian, Alexandr; Oylupinar, Huseyin; Terzyan, Aram; New Europe College (ed.)
New Europe College Black Sea Link Program: Yearbook 2012-2013/ The Holocaust and the Destruction of Romani in the World War II: Oral History Interpretations on the Deportations of Romani and Jews to Transnistria Governorate/ Anna Abakunova; Between God and Caesar: the Clandestine Ukrainian Greek Catholic Clergy in the Soviet State (1946-1989)/ Kateryna Budz; Foreign Entrepreneurs and Industrialization in South Russia in the late 19th and early 20th century/ Volodymyr Kulikov; Trans-cultural Trade in the Black Sea Region, 1250-1700: Integration of the Armenian Trading Diaspora in the Moldavian Principality/ Alexandr Osipian; History, Land and Collective Identity: Crimean Cossack and Crimean Tatar Contestation on Physical and Social Space/ Huseyin Oylupinar; New Dimensions of the European Union's Energy Security and the South Caucasus/ Aram Terzyan
New Europe College, 2014, Bucuresti , (anuar) 229p., ISSN 1584-0298
Topics (ro): deportare - WWII - rromi - evrei - Transnistria; preoti greco-catolici - Ucraina - Uniunea Sovietica; antreprenori straini - industrializare - Rusia - sec. XIX-XX; cazaci din Crimeea - tatari din Crimeea - istorie - conflict; Uniunea Europeana - politica
Topics (en): deportation - WWII - Roma - Jews - Transnistria; Greek Catholic clergy - Ukraine - Soviet Union; foreign entrepreneurs - industrialization - Russia - 19th-20th centuries; Crimean Cossacks - Crimean Tatars - history - conflict; European Union - energy poli
Position: Anuar UDC: 008(082.1)

2. Aceska, Ana; Cepić, Dražen; Güçlü, Eda; Lleshi, Sokol; [...]; New Europe College [Ed.]
New Europe College Yearbook, Europe Next to Europe Program, 2013-2014, 2014-2015: Branding the Ethnically Divided City: Between Metaphors and Social Realities/ Ana Aceska; Friendship and Symbolic Boundaries in Postsocialism: The Case of Croatian Upper Middle Class/ Dražen Cepić; A 'Splendid' Calamity and Tanzimat in the City: The Hocapaşa Fire of 1865 and Property in Disaster Law/ Eda Güçlü; Legitimating the Democratic State in Post-Communist Romania: Memory as a Cultural Good/ Sokol Lleshi; Secularism and Identitarian Orthodoxy: Trajectories of a Great Divide over the Notion of the West/ Slaviša Raković; Descartes' Solitude Thesis: A Neglected Aspect of the Cartesian Methodology/ Ioannis Trisokkas; The Black Sea and the Great War, the Naval Forces and Operations of the Ottoman and Russian Empires/ Ozan Arslan; Being Caught Between 'Anthropology at Home' and 'Anthropology Abroad': An Overview of Epistemological Positions of Ethno-anthropologists in the Balkan at the Turn of the 20th Century/ Čarna Brković; Passportism: Xenophobia from Discourse to Policy/ Srdjan M. Jovanovic; The Crisis and the Nation: 'Conservative Palingenesis' in Interwar Serbia/ Andrej Mitić; Technologies of Rebellion: Ottoman Balkans as a Site of Technological Contestation, 1878-1912/ Ramazan Hakki Oztan; Edited by New Europe College
New Europe College, 2018, Bucharest , (anuar) 330p., ISSN 1584-0298
Topics (ro): Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina - conflict etnic; clasa de mijloc - educatie - Croatia; metafizica - Descartes - adevar; etnologie - antropologie - zona Balcanilor
Topics (en): Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina - ethnic conflict; middle-class - education - Croatia; metaphysics - Descartes - truth; ethnology - anthropology - the Balkans
Position: anuar NEC UDC: 009(045)
Series: NEC Publications Series: New Europe College Yearbook

3. Adashinskaya, Anna; Bulatova, Asiya; Manolova, Divna; Rusu, Octavian; Sargsyan, Lusine; Shekhovtsov, Anton; [...]; New Europe College (ed.)
New Europe College Black Sea Link Program: Yearbook 2014-2015: Archives and Readers: Preservation and Circulation of Documents in Byzantine Monastic Archives/ Anna Adashinskaya; The Rethinking of Human Agency and the Science of Literature: Ideological, Sexual and Literary Politics in the Writings of Russian Formalists/ Asiya Bulatova; Who Writes the History of the Romans? Agency and Causality in Nikephoros Gregoras' Historia Rhomaike/ Divna Manolova; Explaining Russia's Foreign Policy Toward the Transnistrian Conflict (1991-2013)/ Octavian Rusu; Armenian Scribe and Painter Avag Tsaghkogh (14th Century)/ Lusine Sargsyan; The Ukrainian Far Right and the Ukrainian Revolution/ Anton Shekhovtsov; Some Iconographical Aspects of the Late Medieval Armenian Art on the Examples of the Altar Curtains from the Museum of the Armenian Church in Bucharest/ Nelli Smbatyan; Unsecularizing the World: Moldovan Baptists and Globalization of Religion/ Vitalie Sprinceana; Identity, Memory, Place, Narrative: The Case of Crimean Tatars/ Anastasiia Zherdieva; Edited by New Europe College
New Europe College, 2018, Bucharest , (anuar) 324p., ISSN 1584-0298
Topics (ro): arhive - manastire - Muntele Athos; arta medievala armeniana - pictura - manuscrise iluminate; extrema dreapta - Ucraina - Euromaidan - revolutia ucraineana
Topics (en): archives - monastery - Athos, Mountain; Medieval Armenian Art - painting - miniature painting; far right - Ukraine - Euromaidan - Ukrainian revolution
Position: anuar NEC UDC: 008(082.1)
Series: NEC Publications Series: New Europe College Yearbook

4. Alexandrescu, Filip; Calian, Florin George; Epurescu-Pascovici, Ionut; Gorzo, Andrei; Ionita, Alexandru; Lazar, Veronica; Matei, Alexandru; Magureanu, Ioana; New Europe College [Ed.]
New Europe College Stefan Odobleja Program: Yearbook 2013-2014: The Dialectics of Estrangement: A Simmelian Interpretation of Displacement and Resettlement Caused by Development Projects/ Filip Alexandrescu; One, Two, Three...A Discussion on the Generation of Numbers in Plato's Parmenides/ Florin George Calian; The Castellany Accounts of Late-Medieval Savoy: A Source-Oriented Approach/ Ionut Epurescu-Pascovici; Before and After the Revolution: Modernism, Political Modernism and Post-modernism in the Films of Miklós Jancsó/ Andrei Gorzo; Die Paulinische Israelogie und Ihre Liturgische Rezeption in der Ostkirche/ Alexandru Ionita; Le Discours sur L'Economie Politique de Jean-Jacques Rousseau ou Porquoi toute économie est une économie politique/ Veronica Lazar; Convergences culturelles et politiques de la télévision publique en France et en Roumanie à l'époque du Dégel/ Alexandru Matei; Questions of Autorship and Authority in Some Early Modern Anatomical Images, the Tabulae Anatomicae of Pietro da Cortona/ Ioana Magureanu; Edited by New Europe College
New Europe College, 2015, Bucharest , (anuar) 292p., ISSN 1584-0298
Topics (ro): instrainare - stramutari fortate - Bicaz, Romania; filosofie - Platon - numere (matematica); Comitatul de Savoia - istorie administrativa - fiscalitate - sec. XIII-XIV; modernism si postmodernism - film - Miklós Jancsó; teologie paulina - liturgie ortod
Topics (en): estrangement - forced resettlements - Bicaz, Romania; philosophy - Plato - numbers (mathematics); County of Savoy - administrative history - taxes - 13th-14th c.; modernism and postmodernism - films - Miklós Jancsó; Pauline theology - Orthodox Christian
Position: anuar NEC UDC: 009(045)
Series: NEC Publications Series: New Europe College Yearbook

5. Alexandrescu, Raluca; Benedek, József; Chelcea, Liviu; Chira, Rodica-Gabriela; Dudau, Radu; Iancu, Bogdan; Neamtu, Mihail; Petrescu, Corina L.; Stere, Anca; New Europe College [Ed.]
New Europe College Yearbook 2005-2006: Les incertitudes de la démocratie sur la modernisation politique et la production intellectuelle de la démocratie au XIXe siècle roumain/ Raluca Alexandrescu; Religionalisierung und regionalismus in Rumänien nach 1989: grundlagen, formen und institutionen/ József Benedek; Nationalization as a Distinct Urban Process: State Remaking, Class Changes and Their Spatial Expression/ Liviu Chelcea; Du comique de la science-fiction la rencontre du réel / d'une realité - deux approches contrastées ?/ Radu-Gabriela Chira; The Social Constructivist Approach to International Relations/ Radu Dudau; Romanian Constitutionalism and the State of the European Union/ Bogdan Iancu; Between Gospeland and the Nation an Introduction to Dumitru Staniloaie Ethno-Theology/ Mihail Neamtu; A Jewish State Theatre in the People's Republic of Romania? Notes on a Transitional Becoming (1944-1953)/ Corina L. Petrescu; The Use of Folk Compositions in Conveying Ideological Messages: The Collectivization Process/ Anca Stere; Edited by New Europe College
New Europe College, 2009, Bucuresti , (anuar) 352p., ISSN 1584-0298
Topics (ro): constitutionalism românesc - Uniunea Europeana; relatii internationale; nationalizare - proces urban; regionalizare - regionalism - România; modernizare politica - democratie - sec.XIX - România; etno-teologie - Staniloaie, Dumitru; compozitii folclori
Topics (en): Romanian constitutionalism - European Union; international relations; nationalization - urban process; regionalization - regionalism - Romania; political modernization - democracy - 19th c. - Romania; ethno-theology - Staniloaie, Dumitru; folk composition
Position: anuar NEC UDC: 009(058)
Series: NEC Publications Series: New Europe College Yearbook

6. Alexandrescu, Vlad; Baconsky, Teodor; Dobrescu, Caius; Ioan, Augustin; Net, Mariana; Papadima, Liviu; Strungaru, Carmen-Adriana; Ungureanu, Mihai-Razvan; Verdes, Constantin Ovidiu; Vlad, Laurentiu; New Europe College (ed.)
New Europe College Yearbook 1995-1996: Some Eastern European Neuroses/ Andrei Plesu; Du dualisme en théorie de l'énonciation/ V. Alexandrescu; Devastatio Constantinapolitana/ T. Bakonsky; War, Revolution, Carnival: Three Attempts at Integrating Politics and Literature (1880-1970)/ C. Dobrescu; Modern Architectural Discourse After the Death of Stalin/ A. Ioan; The Gastronomic Discourse/ M. Net; The Empirical Study of Literature/ L. Papadima; Biological Roots of Human Vocl Communication/ C.-A. Strungaru; The Biography of an Illustrious Stranger: Samoil Botezatu/ M.-R. Ungureanu; Textes de frontière, contextes de transition/ C. O. Verdes; Des echos roumains dans la presse française l'illustration, 1843-1944/ L. Vlad
Humanitas; New Europe College, 1999, Bucuresti , (carte) 442p., ISBN 973-28-0455-6
Topics (ro): lingvistica - filosofia limbajului; cruciade - imaginar religios - alteritate; politica - literatura - revolutie; arhitectura moderna; gastronomie - discurs gastronomic; teoria literaturii; biologie - comunicare vocala; istoriografie
Topics (en): -
Position: anuar UDC: 009(058)
Series: NEC Publications Series: New Europe College Yearbook
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7. Anastasoaie, Marian Viorel; Andersson, Daniel; Benarrosh-Orsoni, Norah; Biagioli, Francesca; Campbell, Treasa; Cristea-Enache, Daniel; Guesnier, Lucie; Guillaume, Damien; Kiss, Tamás; Kuehn, Sara; Murphy, Jonathan; New Europe College [Ed.]
New Europe College Yearbook 2013-2014: Tracing the Footsteps of a World Anthropologist: Clues and Hypotheses for a Biography of John V. Murra (Isaak Lipschitz)/ Marian Viorel Anastasoaie; 'La sausse vaut mieux que le poisson': David Ruhnken's 1754 Publication of the Platonic Lexicon of Timaeus/ Daniel Andersson; Batir la reussite familiale dans son village d'origine. Migration et investissements immobiliers d'un groupe rom roumain/ Norah Benarrosh-Orsoni; The Symbolic Function of Mathematics in Ernst Cassirer's Philosophy of Culture/ Francesca Biagioli; Naturalising Epistemic Norms through Humean Standards of Taste/ Treasa Campbell; The Romanian Writer: from Socio-Cultural Need to 'Democratic' Disinterest/ Daniel Cristea-Enache; Réflexions sur l'écriture d'une histoire de la contestation en Roumanie: la révolte paysanne de 1907, allégorie de la modernité?/ Lucie Guesnier; Les juifs des Principautés danubiennes au regard français jusqu'en 1860. Introduction à l'étude des campagnes pour l'émancipation des juifs des Principautés danubiennes, 1866-1878/ Damien Guillaume; The Selimiye Mosque, the Apocalypse and the War of Cyrus (1570-71): The Creation of Selim II's Sultanic Image/ Tamás Kiss; Twelver Shīʿī Components in contemporary Bektāši Visual Piety in the Western Balkans?: a Note on Bektāši Visual Culture/ Sara Kuehn; Anglo Romanian Relations and the Soviet Union, 1939-40: the British Guarantee & Transylvanian Crisis/ Jonathan Murphy; Grinding Mankind’s Hopes and Fears for Free: an Attempt to Reposition Science Fiction as a Cultural Vocation/ Dominic Negrici; The Politics of Civil Society Assistance in the Western Balkans/ Mladen Ostojić; The Limits of Direct Attention/ Naomi van Steenbergen; Edited by New Europe College
New Europe College, 2015, Bucuresti , (anuar) 439p., ISSN 1584-0298
Topics (ro): istoria antropologiei - biografie - John Murra, 1916-2006; David Ruhnken, 1723-1798, erudit olandez de origine germana - filologie si filosofie; antropologie - romi - cultura materiala - Romania; filosofia culturii - Cassirer, Ernst - interpretare; natura
Topics (en): history of anthropology - biography - John Murra, 1916-2006; David Ruhnken, 1723-1798, Dutch scholar of German origins - philology and philosophy; anthropology - Roma (Gypsies) - material culture - Romania; philosophy of culture - Cassirer, Ernst - interp
Position: anuar NEC UDC: 009(058)
Series: NEC Publications Series: New Europe College Yearbook

8. Anghel, Remus Gabriel; Diaconu, Adriana; Dohotariu, Anca; Dorondel, Stefan; Plainer, Zsuzsa; Prelipcean, Gabriela; Rauta, Radu-Alex.; Tulbure, Narcis; New Europe College [Ed.]
New Europe College Stefan Odobleja Program: Yearbook 2008-2009: Romanian at Its Borders, Mapping Out Crossing-Border Practices/ Remus Gabriel Anghel; Architecture et ideologies: La réception des immeubles sociaux collectifs bucarestois d'avant et d'apres la Seconde Guerre mondiale: Histoire et mémoire collective/ Adriana Diaconu; Les politique familiales dans le postcommunisme roumain. Un revelateur de la distance entre les normes en vigueur et les practiques sociales/ Anca Dohotariu; Contesting Pasts: Property Negotiation and Land Reform in a Romanian Village/ Stefan Dorondel; Irregularity But Full of Hope: High culture and minority nation-building in the Hungarian theatre of Oradea during the 1980s/ Zsuzsa Plainer; Contributions Regarding the Modern Design of Migration-Remittances Policies/ Gabriela Prelipcean; The Making of a Civic Centre: Three case studies: Braila, Pitesti, Sibiu/ Radu-Alex. Rauta; Values in Exchange: Ambiguous Ownership, Collective Action, and Changing Notions of Worth in Romanian Mutual Fund Industry/ Narcis Tulbure; Edited by New Europe College
New Europe College, 2011, Bucharest , (anuar) 268p., ISSN 1584-0298
Topics (ro): România - frontiere; arhitectura si ideologii - imobile sociale - Bucuresti - al doilea razboi mondial; politica familiara - postcomunism - România; reforma agrara - sat românesc; teatru maghiar - Oradea - 1980; migratie - literatura; centru civic - st
Topics (en): Romania - borders; architecture and ideology - social property - Bucharest - World War II; family policy - post-communism - Romania; land reform - Romanian village; Hungarian theatre - Oradea - 1980; migration - literature; civic center - case study; mutu
Position: anuar NEC UDC: 009(045)
Series: NEC Publications Series: New Europe College Yearbook

9. Ardeleanu, Constantin; Cercel, Cristian; Cistelecan, Alex; Moisil, Costin; Musat, Raluca; Stan, Marius; Tofan, Ioan Alexandru; Voncu, Razvan; New Europe College [Ed.]
New Europe College Stefan Odobleja Program: Yearbook 2012-2013: The Discovery of the Black Sea by the Western World: The Opening of the Euxine to International Trade and Shipping 1774-1792)/ Constantin Ardeleanu; The Deportation of Romanian Germans to the Soviet Union and Its Place within Transylvanian Saxon Memory Discourses in Germany in the 1950s and the 1960s/ Cristian Cercel; The Theological Turn of Contemporary Critical Theory/ Alex Cistelecan; Problems of Identity in the Orthodox Church Music in Transylvania/ Costin Moisil; Cultural Politics in the Heart of the Village: The Institutionalisation of the Camin Cultural in Interwar Romania/ Raluca Musat; Facing the Past in Serbia after 2000/ Marius Stan; Illustrated Books and Old Photos> Image in Walter Benjamin's Works/ Ioan Alexandru Tofan; Alternative Culture and Political Opposition in Titoist and post-Titoist Yugoslavia (1945-1991)/ Razvan Voncu; Edited by the New Europe College
New Europe College, 2014, Bucharest , (anuar) 294p., ISSN 1584-0298
Topics (ro): Iugoslavia titoista; Serbia dupa 2000; Marea Neagra - lumea occidentals - comert international; sasi - România - deportari; teoria critica contemporana - turnura teologica
Topics (en): Titoist Yugoslavia; Serbia after 2000; Black Sea- Western world - internationl trade; Transylvanian Saxons - Romani - deportations; contemporary critical theory - theological turn
Position: anuar UDC: 009(045)
Series: NEC Publications Series: New Europe College Yearbook

10. Arjevanidze, Nargiza; Artiukh, Volodymyr; Bodnaruk, Mariana; Burkush, Kateryna; Diktaș, Mustafa Yakup; Emilciuc, Andrei; Ermolaeva, Oksana; Lisnic, Dumitru; Loladze, Nika
New Europe College Yearbook. Pontica Magna Program and Gerda Henkel Program, 2020-2021: War as Embodied and Emotional Experience: stories of internally displaced women from Abhazia/Nargiza Arjevanidze; Dramaturgy of Populism: post-electoral protest ideologies in Belarus/ Volodymyr Artiukh; Manufacturing Consent: the imperial ideology and senatorial representation in the Maxentian period (306-312CE)/Mariana Bodnaruk; Seasonal Migration as Local Practical Knowledge: historical continuity and change in rural Soviet Transcarpathia (1940s-1960s)/ Kateryna Burkush; Line of Miracle or Contamination? Sfânta Parascheva as a contested Pilgrimage amid Covid-19 Pandemic 2020/ Mustafa Yakup Diktaș; A Comparative Study on the Development of Commercial Institutions and practices in the Romanian Principalities/ Romania and Bessarabia (1812-1918)/ Andrei Emilciuc; Northern Encounters: the Russo-Finnish Border at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century in a Cross-Regional comparative perspective/ Oksana Ermolaeva; The Making and Unmaking of the Synagogue in Birzula: materiality, textuality and Agency in the early 1920's Soviet Union/ Dumitru Lisnic; B/Orderization of the Boundary: Entangled Perspectives on the Split Villages of the Tskhinvali Region/South Osetia / Nika Loladze; [editor: Irina Vainovski-Mihai]
New Europe College, 2022, Bucharest , (anuar) 339p., ISSN 1584-0298
Topics (ro): razboi - Abhazia - femei stramutate; comert - vama - Romania - Basarabia - 1812-1918; politica electorala - populism - Belarus; epigrafie - antichitate tarzie - Maxentiu; pelerinaj - Sfanta Paraschiva - Iasi - 2020 - pandemie; Transcarpatia - forta de mun
Topics (en): Wae - Abkhazia - displaced women; trade - customs - Romania - Bessarabia - 1812-1918; electoral politics - populism - Belarus; epigraphy - late antiquity - Maxentius; pilgrimage - St. Parascheva - Iasi - 2020 - pandemics; Transcarpathia - labour force - s
Position: anuar NEC UDC: 009(045)
Series: NEC Publications Series: New Europe College Yearbook

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