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Writing Culture: the poetics and politics of ethnography / edited by James Clifford and George E. Marcus
University of California Press, 1986, Berkeley, Los Angeles, London , (carte) IX, 305p., ISBN 0-520-05729-5
Topics (ro): etnologie - metodologie; antropologie sociala
Topics (en): ethnology - methodology; social anthropology
Position: N-CLI UDC: 394
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

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Coronations: Medieval and Early Modern Monarchic Ritual / edited by Janos M. Bak
University of California Press, 1990, Berkely, Los Angeles, Oxford , (carte) VIII, 257p., ISBN 0-520-06677-4
Topics (ro): viata publica - ceremonii - incoronare - Europa
Topics (en): -
Position: H.141-BAK UDC: 394.4
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

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Representing the English Renaissance/ Edited by Stephen Greenblatt
University of California Press, 1988, Berkeley; Los Angeles; London , (carte) XIII,372p., ISBN 0-520-06130-6
Topics (ro): literatura engleza - 1500-1700 - istorie si critica literara; Anglia - civilizatie - sec.XVI-XVII; Renastere - Anglia
Topics (en): English literature - 1500-1700 - literary history and criticism; England - civilization - 16th-17th centuries, the; Renaissance - England
Position: Sg-GREE UDC: 82.09
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

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Comparative Methods in Sociology: essays on trends and applications / edited by Ivan Vallier
University of California Press, 1971, Berkely, Los Angeles, London , (carte) 474p.:, ISBN 0-250-01743-9
Topics (ro): sociologie - sociologie comparativa - metode
Topics (en): sociology - comparative sociology - methods
Position: L.01-VAL UDC: 316
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

5. *
Representations / editorial board: Stephen Greenblatt, Carol J. Clover, Carla Hesse; associate editor: Jean Day
University of California Press, 1983-2003, Berkeley, California , (periodic) cca 180 p., ISSN 0734-6018
Topics (ro): iconografie; studii literare; arhitectura; psihanaliza; filosofie; istorie culturala; studii culturale; antropologie; arta si cultura - studii
Topics (en): iconography; literary studies; architecture; psycho-analysis; philosophy; cultural history; cultural studies; anthropology; art and culture - studies
Position: Periodic UDC: 008(05)
Online: link   

6. *
Images and Ideologies: Self-definition in the Hellenistic World/ edited by Anthony Bulloch, Erich S. Gruen, A.A. Long, and Andrew Stewart
University of California Press, 1993, Berkeley, Los Angeles, London , (carte) viii, 414p., ISBN 0-520-07526-9
Topics (ro): literatura greaca - antichitate; civilizatie - elenism; istorie - Grecia - antichitate; Grecia - elenism - antichitate; arta - Grecia - antichitate
Topics (en): Greek literature - antiquity; civilization - Hellenism; history - Greece - antiquity; Greece - Hellenism - antiquity; fine arts - Greece - antiquity
Position: A.12-BUL UDC: 14(38)+938
Series: Hellenistic Culture and Society; XII
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

7. *
The Making of the Modern Body: Sexuality and Society in the Nineteenth Century / edited by Catherine Gallagher and Thomas Laqueur
University of California Press, 1987, Berkeley-Los Angeles-London , (carte) xvi, 242 p., ISBN 0-520-05961-1
Topics (ro): sex - orgasm - generatie - politica biologiei reproductive; sex - istorie - sec. XIX; sex - aspecte sociale; studii culturale - corpul uman si societatea - sec. XIX; sexualitate si societate - sec. XIX
Topics (en): sex - orgasm - generation - policy of reproductive biology; sex - history - 19th c.; sex - social aspects; cultural studies - human body and society - 19th c.; sexuality and society - 19th c.
Position: Sf-GAL UDC: 305
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

8. *
Endless Night: Cinema and Psychoanalysis, Parallel Histories/ edited by Janet Bergstrom
University of California Press, 1999, Berkeley, Los Angeles, London , (carte) [vii], 305p., ISBN 0-520-20748-3
Topics (ro): cinematografie - film - teoria artei - psihologie; film artistic - aspecte psihologice; film - psihologie
Topics (en): cinematography - picture - art theory - psychology; motion picture - psychological aspects; motion pictures, film - psychology
Position: Uc-BER UDC: 791.43:159.9(09)
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

9. *
EEPS - East European Politics and Societies / editor: Vladimir Tismaneanu
University of California Press, 1999-2001, 2003-2004, Berkeley, CA , (periodic) cca 440 p., ISSN 0888-3254
Topics (ro): capitalism - Europa de Est; relatii interetnice; modernitate - criza; post-comunism; nationalism - Europa Centrala; societate - Europa de Est; Europa de Est - politica; partide politice
Topics (en): capitalism - East Europe; inter-ethnic relations; modernity - crisis; post-communism; nationalism - Central Europe; society - Eastern Europe; East Europe - politics; political parties
Position: Periodic UDC: 32+316(1-924.5)
Online: link   

10. Arnheim, Rudolf
Art and Visual Perception: A Psychology of the Creative Eye/ Rudolf Arnheim
University of California Press, 1967, Berkeley and Los Angeles , (carte) xiv ,485p.
Topics (ro): spatiu; forma; psihologia creatiei; creatie - viziune - psihologie; teoria artei; arta - perceptie vizuala; lumina; culoare; miscare; tensiune; expresie; echilibru
Topics (en): space; form; psychology of creation; creation - vision - psychology; art theory; fine arts - visual perception; light, the; colour; movement; tension; expression; equilibrium, balance
Position: AS/J-77 UDC: 7.01:159.9

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