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1. Institute for the Investigation of the Communist Crimes and for the Memory of the Romanian Exile
History of Communism in Europe: Vol.4 - 2013: Transitional Justice and Civil Societies after Dictatorial Regimes/editor-in-chief: Dalia Báthory; associate editor: Camelia Runceanu
Zeta Books, 2013, Bucharest , (carte) 169p., ISBN 978-606-8266-68-8, ISSN 2-69-3192
Topics (ro): istorie - comunism - Europa; postcomunism - justitie - societate civila
Topics (en): history - communism - Europe; postcommunism - justice - civil society
Position: H.171-STA/4 UDC: 329.15:323(4)
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

2. *
Journal of Early Modern Studies [ JEMS]/ Edited by the Research Centre Foundations of Modern Thought, University of Bucharest; Editors: Vlad Alexandrescu, Dana Jalobeanu
Zeta Books, 2012-2013, Bucharest , (periodic) , ISSN 2285-6382
Topics (ro): Republica Literelor - comunicare - inceputul Modernitatii europene; filosofie - studii; modernism - studii
Topics (en): Republic of Letters - communication - Early Modern Europe; philosophy - studies; modernity - studies
Position: periodic UDC: 1(07)

3. *
Thinking in dialogue with humanities : paths into the phenomenology of Merleau-Ponty/ Karel Novotný, Taylor S. Hammer, Anne Gléonec, Petr Špecián (editors)
Zeta Books, 2010, Bucharest , (carte) 506p., ISBN 978-973-1997-96-4
Topics (ro): filosofie - fenomenologie - Merleau-Ponty, Maurice
Topics (en): philosophy - phenomenology - Merleau-Ponty, Maurice
Position: A.2-MER-Nov UDC: 14*Merleau-Ponty,Maurice
Series: Series Post scriptum
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

4. *
Environment, Space, Place: published in collaboration with the International Association for the Study of Environment, Space and Place (IASESP) \editors: C. Patrick Heidkamp, Troy Paddock, Christine Petto
Zeta Books, 2014, Bucharest , (periodic) 135p., ISSN 2066-5377
Topics (ro): geografie umana - filosofie - mediu
Topics (en): human georgraphy - philosophy - environment
Position: periodic UDC: 911.3

5. *
Schutzian Research: a Yearbook of Lifeworldly Phenomenology and Qualitative Social Science: vol.4/2012
Zeta Books, 2012, Bucharest , (anuar) 150p., ISBN 978-606-8266-25-1, ISSN 2067-0621
Topics (ro): filosofie - epoca contemporana - Schutz, Alfred - 1899-1959; filosofie - fenomenologie - viata cotidiana
Topics (en): philosophy - contemporray age - Schutz, Alfred - 1899-1959; philosophy - phenomenology - everyday life
Position: A.17-SCH/1 UDC: 165.62
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

6. Alexandrescu, Vlad
Croisées de la Modernité: Hypostases de l'esprit et de l'individu au XVIIe siècle/ Vlad Alexandrescu
Zeta Books, 2012, Bucuresti , (carte) 540p., ISBN 978-606-8266-20-6
Topics (ro): filosofie - modernitate - spiritualitate - gandire moderna - sec.XVII; modernitate europeana - modernitate româneasca
Topics (en): philosophy - modernity - spirituality - modern thought - 17th c.; European modernity - Romanian modernity
Position: B-ALE (2) UDC: 14(4)16
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

7. Alexandrescu, Vlad [Ed.]; Smith, Nathan; Cassan, Elodie; Ariew, Roger; Petrescu, Lucian; Gaukroger, Stephen; Garber, Daniel; Corneanu, Sorana; Savini, Massimiliano; Jalobeanu, Dana; Belgioioso, Giulia; Agostini, Igor; Dobre, Mihnea
Branching Off: The Early Moderns in Quest for the Unity of Knowledge/ Vlad Alexandrescu (ed.)
Zeta Books, 2009, Bucharest , (carte) 416p., ISBN 978-973-1997-42-1
Topics (ro): filosofie moderna - unitatea cunoasterii - sec.XVII; cunoastere si traditie; filosofie - gandire moderna
Topics (en): modern philosophy - unity of knowledge - 17th century; knowledge and tradition; philosophy - modern thought
Position: A.161-ALE UDC: 14(4)"16"
Series: Foundations of Modern Thought, Volume 1
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

8. Aravot, Iris; Neuman, Eran [Eds.]; Baruch, Danit; Assgard Andersen, Michael; Baltazar dos Santos, Ana Paula; Livnat, Aviv; Yorgancioglu, Derya; Fedi, Gianluca; Jaquet, Benoit, Baek, Jin
Invitation to Archiphen: Some approaches and Interpretations of Phenomenology in Architecture/ Iris Aravot and Eran Neuman, editors
Zeta Books, 2010, Bucuresti , (carte) 60p., ISBN 978-973-1997-36-0
Topics (ro): arhitectura - fenomenologie; fenomenologie - metoda arhitecturala; fenomenologia in arhitectura
Topics (en): architecture - phenomenology; phenomenology - architectural method; phenomenology in architecture
Position: Ua.017-ARA UDC: 72.01
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

9. Arnautu, Robert R. A.
Early Modern Philosophy of Technology. Bacon and Descartes/ Robert R.A. Arnautu
Zeta Books, 2017, Bucuresti , (carte) 194p., ISBN 978-606-8266-73-2
Topics (ro): filosofie moderna - sec. XVI-XVII - tehnologie; filosofie - Bacon, Francis (1561-1626); filosofie - Descartes, René - 1622-1638
Topics (en): modern philosophy - 16th-17th c. - technology; philosophy - Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626; philosophy - Descartes, René - 1622-1638
Position: A.2-BAC-Arn UDC: 14*Descartes, René; 14*Bacon, Francis
Series: Foundations of Modern Thought
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

10. Balasescu, Alexandru
Paris Chic, Tehran Thrills: Aesthetic Bodies, Political Subjects/ Alexandru Balasescu; Preface by Vintila Mihailescu
Zeta Books, 2007, Bucuresti , (carte) 302p., ISBN 978-973-87980-2-1
Topics (ro): antropologie - corpuri estetice - subiecte politice; moda - subiect etnografic; spatiu - timp - imbracaminte - moda si modernitate - Tehran; modernitate - spatiu public - Paris - Teheran
Topics (en): anthropology - aesthetic bodies - political subjects; fashion - ethnographic subject; space - time - dress - fashion and modernity - Tehran; modernity - public space - Paris - Tehran
Position: P-BAL UDC: 572
Series: Zeta Series in Anthropology & Sociology, Volume 1
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, BibNat, BCU, WorldCat, LOC

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