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Annual Review of Political Science / editor: Nelson W. Polsby
Annual Reviews, 1999-2001, 2003, Palo Alto, California , (periodic) cca 590 p., ISSN 1094-2939
Topics (ro): globalizare; stabilitate; Uniune Europeana; cultura liberala; institutionalism; partide politice; democratie; reguli electorale; comert international; economie politica; guvernare; revolutie; conflict international; stiinte politice; constitutionalism
Topics (en): globalization; stability; European Union; liberal culture; istitutionalism; political parties; democracy; electoral rules; international trade/ foreign trade; political economy; government; Revolution; international conflict; political sciences; constitut
Position: Periodic UDC: 32(05)
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2. Ardeleanu, Constantin
Contributia reprezentantilor englezi la consolidarea Comisiei Europene a Dunarii in primii ani de existenta ai institutiei internationale cu sediul la Galati (1856-1861)/ Constantin Ardeleanu
Muzeul Brailei; Editura Istros; Muzeul Dunarii de Jos, 2004, Calarasi, Braila , (extras) pp. 733-756
Topics (ro): comert international - Comisia Europeana a Dunarii - Galati - 1856-1861; relatii internationale - relatii comerciale româno-engleze - sec.XIX - Dunarea de Jos
Topics (en): international trade - European Danubian Commission - Galati - 1856-1861; international relations - Romanian-British trade relations - 19th c. - Law Danube
Position: B-ARD (3) UDC: 33(498:4)18

3. Ardeleanu, Constantin
International Trade and Diplomacy at the Lower Danube: the Sulina Question and the Economic Premises of the Crimean War (1829-1853)/ Constantin Ardeleanu
Muzeul Brailei; Editura Istros, 2014, Braila , (carte) 307p., ISBN 978-606-654-088-9
Topics (ro): economie - comert international - diplomatie - Dunarea de Jos - 1829-1953; navigatie - comert - Dunarea de Jos; chestiunea Sulina - premise economice - razboiul din Crimea - 1829-1853
Topics (en): economy - international trade - diplomacy - Lower Danube - 1829-1853; navigation/ sailing - trade - Lower Danube; Sulina question - economic premises - Crimean War - 1829-1853
Position: B-ARD (5) UDC: 339.5(498Dunarea de Jos);327(498Dunarea de Jos)
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

4. Ardeleanu, Constantin
The European Commission of the Danube, 1856-1948: an experiment in international administration/by Constantin Ardeleanu
Brill, 2020, Leiden, Boston , (carte) XIII, 379p.: il., h., ISBN 978-90-04-41253-8, ISSN 1877-6272
Topics (ro): comert international - Comisia Europeana a Dunarii - 1856-1948; relatii internationale - administratie internationala - Romania - Comisia Europeana a Dunarii; istorie - Romania - 1856-1948
Topics (en): foreign trade - European Commission of the Danube - 1856-1948; international relations - international administration - Romania - The European Commission of the Danube; history - Romania - 1856-1948
Position: B-ARD(6) UDC: 341.224; 339.56; 352
Series: Balkan Studies Library; Volume 27
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

5. Ardeleanu, Constantin; Cercel, Cristian; Cistelecan, Alex; Moisil, Costin; Musat, Raluca; Stan, Marius; Tofan, Ioan Alexandru; Voncu, Razvan; New Europe College [Ed.]
New Europe College Stefan Odobleja Program: Yearbook 2012-2013: The Discovery of the Black Sea by the Western World: The Opening of the Euxine to International Trade and Shipping 1774-1792)/ Constantin Ardeleanu; The Deportation of Romanian Germans to the Soviet Union and Its Place within Transylvanian Saxon Memory Discourses in Germany in the 1950s and the 1960s/ Cristian Cercel; The Theological Turn of Contemporary Critical Theory/ Alex Cistelecan; Problems of Identity in the Orthodox Church Music in Transylvania/ Costin Moisil; Cultural Politics in the Heart of the Village: The Institutionalisation of the Camin Cultural in Interwar Romania/ Raluca Musat; Facing the Past in Serbia after 2000/ Marius Stan; Illustrated Books and Old Photos> Image in Walter Benjamin's Works/ Ioan Alexandru Tofan; Alternative Culture and Political Opposition in Titoist and post-Titoist Yugoslavia (1945-1991)/ Razvan Voncu; Edited by the New Europe College
New Europe College, 2014, Bucharest , (anuar) 294p., ISSN 1584-0298
Topics (ro): Iugoslavia titoista; Serbia dupa 2000; Marea Neagra - lumea occidentals - comert international; sasi - România - deportari; teoria critica contemporana - turnura teologica
Topics (en): Titoist Yugoslavia; Serbia after 2000; Black Sea- Western world - internationl trade; Transylvanian Saxons - Romani - deportations; contemporary critical theory - theological turn
Position: anuar UDC: 009(045)
Series: NEC Publications Series: New Europe College Yearbook

6. Bhagwati, Jagdish N.; Panagariya, Arvind; Srinivasan, T. N.
Lectures on International Trade / Jagdish N. Bhagwati, Arvind Panagariya, T. N. Srinivasan
The MIT Press, 1998, Cambridge, MA - London , (carte) xii, 602 p., ISBN 0-262-02443-8
Topics (ro): comert international - modele econometrice; politica comerciala - modele econometrice; economie - comert
Topics (en): international trade/ foreign trade - econometric patterns; commecial policy - econometric patterns; economics - trade / commerce
Position: AACE UDC: 338
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

7. Jaggar, Alison M. [Ed.]; Chandhoke, Neera; Ci, Jivei; Cohen, Joshua; Kelly, Erin; McPherson, Lionel K.; Mills, Charles W.; Pogge, Thomas; Tan, Kok-Chor; Wenar, Leif
Thomas Pogge and His Critics/ Edited by Alison M. Jaggar
Polity Press, 2010, Cambridge, UK; Malden, MA , (carte) x, 272p., ISBN 978-0-7456-4258-1
Topics (ro): filosofie politica - Pogge, Thomas - sec.XX; filosofie - stiinte sociale - saracie globala; datorii negative; universalism moral; resurse - comert international - reforma realista
Topics (en): political philosophy - Pogge, Thomas - 20th c.; philosophy - social sciences - global poverty; negative duties; moral universalism; resources - international trade - realistic reform
Position: J.01-POG-Jag UDC: 32.01"19"(082)
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

8. Jovanovic, Miroslav N.
International Economic Integration: Limits and Prospects / Miroslav N. Jovanovic; foreword by Richard G. Lipsey
Routledge, 1998, London and New York , (carte) xxii, 446 p., ISBN 0-415-16450-8
Topics (ro): integrare economica internationala - economie internationala; comert international - uniune - modele; piata comuna - comert; uniune economica - politica monetara, fiscala, industriala
Topics (en): -
Position: Jc-JOV UDC: 339.9
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

9. Markusen, James R.; Melvin, James R.; Kaempfer, William H.; ...
International Trade: Theory and Evidence / James R. Markusen, James R. Melvin, William H. Kaempfer ...
McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1995, New York , (carte) xxiv, 472 p., ISBN 0-07-040447-X
Topics (ro): comert international; economie mondiala; comert international- politici guvernamentale
Topics (en): international trade/ foreign trade; world economy; international trade/ foreign trade - governmental policy
Position: AACE UDC: 338
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

10. Marnot, Bruno
Les grands ports de commerce français et la mondialisation au XIXe siècle (1815-1914)/ Bruno Marnot
Presses de l'université Paris-Sorbonne(PUPS), 2011, Paris , (carte) 589p., ISBN 978-2-84050-780-2
Topics (ro): istorie - Franta - porturi - sec.XIX; comert international - porturi - Franta - sec.XIX
Topics (en): history - France - harbours - 19thc.; international trade - harbours - France - 19th.c
Position: H.011b-MAR UDC: 94(44)''19''
Series: Histoire Maritime
Reviews: Google, Amazon (UK,DE,FR), Barnes&Noble, LOC, WorldCat, BIBSYS, BibNat, BCU

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