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1. Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827); Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)
Symphony No. 7/ Ludwig van Beethoven; Symphony No. 40 / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Decca, 1991, London , (CD-album)
Topics (ro): compozitor german; compozitor austriac; clasicism; clasicism vienez; simfonie; lucrări pentru orchestră
Topics (en): German composer; Austrian composer; Classicism; Viennese Classicism; symphony; orchestral works
Position: VI/M-790 UDC: 785.11

2. Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827); Schubert, Franz (1797-1828)
Symphony No. 5 / Ludwig van Beethoven; Symphony No. 8 (Unfinished)/ Franz Schubert
EMI, , England , (CD-album)
Topics (ro): compozitor german; compozitor austriac; clasicism; romantism; simfonie; Simfonia Neterminata; lucrări pentru orchestră
Topics (en): German composer; Austrian composer; Classicism; Romanticism; symphony; Unfinished Symphony; orchestral works
Position: VI/M-773 UDC: 785.11

3. Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827); Wolf, Hugo (1860-1903)
Hans Knappertsbusch /Piano Concerto No. 4 in G major, Op. 58/ Ludwig van Beethoven; Italian Serenade/ Hugo Wolf
King Record, 1988, Tokyo , (CD-album)
Topics (ro): compozitor german; compozitor austriac; clasicism vienez; romantism târziu; concert pentru pian și orchestră; lucrări pentru orchestră; serenadă
Topics (en): German composer; Austian composer; Viennese Classicism; late Romanticism; concerto for piano and orchestra; works for orchestra; serenade
Position: VI/M-914 UDC: 786.72

4. Berg, Alban (1885-1935)
Wozzeck - Opera in Three Acts/ Alban Berg
Naxos, 2002, E.C. , (CD-album)
Topics (ro): compozitor austriac; A doua Scoală Vieneză; atonalism; expresionism
Topics (en): Austrian composer; Second Viennese School; atonalism; expressionism
Position: VI/M-4285/86

5. Ernst Krenek
Ernst Krenek: Symphony No. 3 op. 16; Potpourri op. 54
CPO, 1995, Germany , (CD-album)
Topics (ro): compozitor austriac/american; muzică contemporană
Topics (en): Austiran/American composer; contemporary music
Position: VI/m-4472 UDC: 785,11

6. Ernst Krenek
Ernst Krenek - Vertrauenssache/ Four bagatelles op. 70/ Sonata for piano No. 4 op.114
CPO, 1996, Germany , (CD-album)
Topics (ro): compozitor austriac
Topics (en): Austrian composer
Position: VI/M-4487

7. Ernst Krenek
Krenek: Piano Sonatas Nos. 2 op.59, 4 op. 114, 6 op. 128 & 7 op. 240
Koch International, 1991, Austria , (CD-album)
Topics (ro): compozitor austriac; atonalitate; serialism dodecafonic
Topics (en): Austrian composer; atonality; dodecaphonic serialsm
Position: VI/M-4485 UDC: 786,2

8. Ernst Krenek
Ernst Krenek: Reisebuch aus den österreichischen Alpen, Op.62
Philips, 1998, Germany , (CD-album)
Topics (ro): compozitor austriac, apoi american; lieduri; neoclasicism
Topics (en): Austrian and, then, American composer; lieds; neoclasicism
Position: VI/M-4473 UDC: 784.3

9. Ernst Krenek
Ernst Krenek: Piano Sonatas Nos. 2, 3 & 5
Koch/Schwann, 1991, Austira , (CD-album)
Topics (ro): compozitor austriac; tehnica dodecafonică; forma de sonata tradițională
Topics (en): Austrian composer; twelve-tone technique; traditional sonata form
Position: VI/M-4478

10. Ernst Krenek
Ernst Krenek: Streichquartette Nr. 1 op. 6; Nr. 2 op. 8
Dabringhaus und Grimm, 1987, Germany , (CD-album)
Topics (ro): compozitor austriac; atonalitate; jazz; neoclasicism; B-A-C-H; cvartet
Topics (en): Austrian composer; atonality; jazz; neoclassicism; B-A-C-H; quartett
Position: VI/M-4479 UDC: 785,7

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