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1. New Europe College; Cioflec, Eveline; Colceriu, Stefan; Ferencz-Flatz, Christian; Gheorghita, Nicolae; Gica, Alexandru; Muraru, Adrian; Simon, Alexandru; Sincan, Anca; Szigeti, Attila; Toplean, Adela
New Europe College Yearbook 2008-2009: Verstehen und Handeln: Ein Ansatz mit martin Heidegger und Hannah Arendt/ Eveline Cioflec; L'Espace dans le testament de Salomon et les manifestations d'une polémique identitaire dans l'Antiquité tardive/ Stefan Colceriu; Filmbewusstsein und Zuschauer im Bild: Ein Husserlscher Ansatz zum Kinematographen/ Christian Ferencz-Flatz; Secular music at the Romanian princely Courts during the Phanariot Epoch (1711-1821)/ Nicolae Gheorghita; The Recent History of the Aromanians from Romania/ Alexandru Gica; Origenian Interpretation upon Numbers: Content and Spiritual Exegesis. Theoretical Arguments for an Allegorical Interpretation/ Adrian Muraru; The Saint and the Jews/ Alexandru Simon; Dialogues and Monologues: How to Write the History of the Greek Catholics under Communism/ Anca Sincan; Phenomenology and Cognitive Science of Embodied Intersubjectivity/ Attila Szigeti; General Reflections on Privatization of Death in Late Modernity: When Does Loneliness Come into Picture and Why?/ Adela Toplean; Edited by Irina Vainovski-Mihai
New Europe College, 2013, Bucuresti , (anuar) 326p., ISSN 1584-0298
Topics (ro): filosofie - Heidegger - Arendt, Hannah; cinematografie; muzica - epoca fanariota, 1711-1821; aromâni - România - istorie recenta; greco catolici - comunism
Topics (en): philosophy - Heidegger - Arendt, Hannah; cinematography; music - phanariot epoch, 1711-1821; Aromanians - Romania - recent history; Greek Catholics - communism
Position: anuar NEC UDC: 009(058)
Series: NEC Publications Series: New Europe College Yearbook