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1. Bartók, Béla; Brahms, Johannes
Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion, Haydn Variations / Béla Bartók, Johannes Brahms
CBS Records, 1988, Austria , (CD-album)
Topics (ro): sonata pentru două piane și percuție, temă cu variațiuni, lucrări pentru pian, muzică instrumentală, muzică de secol XX
Topics (en): sonata for two pianos and percussion, theme and variations, works for piano, instrumental music, XX th cenrtury music
Position: VI/M-2752 UDC: 785.72

2. Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827)
Piano Concerto No. 4 in G major, Op. 58; 32 Variations on an original theme in C minor, WoO 80/ Ludwig van Beethoven
Philips, 1986, Germany , (CD-album)
Topics (ro): compozitor german; clasicism; concert pentru pian și orchestră; variațiuni; pianist virtuoz
Topics (en): German composer; Classicism; concerto for piano and orchestra; variations; virtuoso pianist
Position: VI/M-883 UDC: 786.2

3. Berger, Wilhelm
Variations and Fugue on an original theme forlarge orchestra op. 97, Serenade op. 102 / Wilhelm Berger
Koch Schwann, 1994, Austria , (CD-album)
Topics (ro): temă cu variațiuni, serenadă, muzică pentru orchestră, lucrări de secol XIX-XX
Topics (en): theme and variations, serenade, music for orchestra, XIXth/XX th century music
Position: VI/M-4700 UDC: 785.1

4. Berio, Luciano
The Complete Works for Solo Piano / Luciano Berio
New Albion Records, 1996, San Francisco, USA , (CD-album)
Topics (ro): variațiuni, suită, lucrări pentru pian, muzică de secol XX
Topics (en): variations, suite, piano works, XX th century music
Position: VI/M-4960 UDC: 786.2

5. Brahms, Johannes
Symphony No. 4 op. 98, Variations on a theme by Haydn op 56a / Johannes Brahms
RCA Classics, 1995, E.C. , (CD-album)
Topics (ro): simfonie, muzică simfonică, variațiuni
Topics (en): symphony, symphonic music, variations
Position: VI/M-3450 UDC: 785.11

6. Brahms, Johannes
Symphony No.3 & Haydn Variations / Johannes Brahms
Deutsche Grammophon, 1991, Germania , (CD-album)
Topics (ro): simfonie, tema cu variațiuni, muzică simfonică
Topics (en): symphony, theme and variations, symphonic music
Position: VI/M-3473 UDC: 785.11

7. Brahms, Johannes
Symphony No. 2 D-dur op. 73 and Haydn Variation op. 56a / Johannes Brahms
Teldec Digital, 1992, Germania , (CD-album)
Topics (ro): simfonie, temă cu variațiuni, muzică simfonică
Topics (en): symphony, theme and variations, symphonic music
Position: VI/M-3476 UDC: 785.11

8. Brahms, Johannes
Symphony No. 1 op. 68, Variations on a Theme by Joseph Haydn op. 56a, Tragic Overture op. 81 / Johannes Brahms
EMI, 2002, EU , (CD-album)
Topics (ro): simfonie, temă și variațiuni, uvertură, muzică simfonică
Topics (en): symphony, theme and variations, overture, symphonic music
Position: VI/M-3441 UDC: 785.1

9. Brahms, Johannes
Symphony No. 3, Tragic Overture, Haydn Variations / Johannes Brahms
Arlecchino, , (CD-album)
Topics (ro): simfonie, uvertură, temă cu variațiuni, muzică simfonică
Topics (en): symphony, overture, theme and variations, symphonic music
Position: VI/M-3480 UDC: 785.11

10. Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897)
Symphony No. 3 in F Major, Op. 90; Variations on a Theme by Haydn, Op. 56A/ Johannes Brahms
CBS, 1985, Holland , (CD-album)
Topics (ro): compozitor german; romantism; simfonie, variațiuni
Topics (en): German composer; Romanticism; symphony, variations
Position: VI/M-3469 UDC: 785.11

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