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Title:Representation: The Journal of Representative Democracy / editors: David M. Farrell, Sarah Birch, Tom Ellis, [...]
Other title:Democracy. Elections. Voting Systems. Government
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Topics (ro):sisteme de vot - alegeri; guvern - guvernare; politica - alegeri; democratie; stiinte politice
Subiecte (en):vote systems - elections; government - government; politics - elections; democracy; political sciences
Existing copies:
Nr. crt.Nr. inv.Vol / Nr / AnSubtitleCopy status
1P-52935 / 4 / 1998ReferendumsIn library
2P-59036 / 1 / 1999Devolution and Electoral ChangeIn library
3P-65836 / 2 / 1999Send the Rascals Packing!In library
4P-69636 / 3 / 1999Electoral Experimentation in the UKIn library
5P-75236 / 4 / 1999Elections in Emerging DemocraciesIn library
6P-84837 / 1 / 2000In library
7P-96237 / 1 / 2000In library
8P-98236 / 4 / 1999Elections in Emerging DemocraciesIn library
9P-100137 / 2 / 2000Reforming the House of LordsIn library
10P-108337 / 2 / 2000Reforming the House of LordsIn library
11P-112737 / 3/4 / 2000In library
12P-148038 / 1 / 2001In library
13P-171538 / 2 / 2001A Retrospective on the United States: Presidential Election 2000; Problems with Opinion Polls; Constitutional and Legal Aspects; The Electoral College and the Impact of Electoral Geography; Perverse Election Results; Electoral Reform in the United StatesIn library
14P-193938 / 3 / 2001The United Kingdom General Election of 2001; Analysis of Voting in the General and Local Government Elections; ...In library
15P-204839 / 1 / 2002Electoral Systems and Women's Representation; Broadcasting and Publishing Opinion Polls and Exit Polls; Extremists and Moderates at the 2001 UK General Election in Northern Ireland; [...]In library
16P-209339 / 2 / 2003Implications of the 2002 Sex Discrimination; Improving Commonwealth Election Observation; Local Government Reform in England; ...In library
17P-242039 / 3 / 2003Election Technology and DemocracyIn library
18P-247039 / 4 / 2003The Devil is in the Detail: Analysing Small Changes in Electoral SystemsIn library
19P-257140 / 1 / 2004Labour and the English Regions: A Critique; Ambivalence and Antipathy: Labour and Electoral Reform; The Electoral Turnout Problem; ...In library
20P-272840 / 2 / 2004The Far Right Special Issue: Does PR Promote Political Extremism?; The Rise of the Far Right in France; Right-wing Populism and Government Participation: The Austrian Case; ...In library
21P-282440 / 3 / 2004Democracy, Elections, Voting Systems, GovernmentIn library
22P-294540 / 4 / 2004Democracy, Election, Voting Systems, Government: The 2003 Devolved Elections in the UK...In library
23P-301741 / 1 / 2005Aspects of the Single Transferable Vote; Election Reports from Israel, Belgium and Scotland;...In library
24P-315541 / 2 / 2005The Rush to Electoral Reform in Canada; Electoral Systems and Women Candidates in Britain's European Elections; ...In library
25P-323141 / 3 / 2005Judging "Free and Fair" Elections by: Democratic, Outcome, Quality Election Management, International LawIn library
26P-327141 / 4 / 2005Regional Government and Women's Representation; European Parliament Elections 2004; Australia Federal Election 2004; ...In library
Publisher:The McDougall Trust
Published in:1998-2004Location:LondonEdition:-
Bibliogr:bibl. la sfirsitul fiecarui articol
Pages:cca 100 p.
Editor:David M. Farrell