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Author(s):University of Bucharest, Faculty of Letters; The "Goldstein Goren" Center for Hebrew Studies
Title:Studia Hebraica / University of Bucharest, Faculty of Letters, The "Goldstein Goren" Center for Hebrew Studies; editor: Dr. Felicia Waldman
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Topics (ro):istoriografie evreiasca; muzica evreiasca; religie - iudaism; iudaism - civilizatie europeana - interferente; evrei - identitate; lingvistica - ebraica; studii ebraice; arta; istorie - evrei; istorie - evrei - Holocaust - România
Subiecte (en):Jewish historiography; Jewish music; religion - Judaism; Judaism - European civiliziation - interferences; Jews, the - identity; linguistics - Hebrew language, the; Jewish studies; fine arts; history - Jews, the; history - the Jews - Holocaust - Romania
Existing copies:
Nr. crt.Nr. inv.Vol / Nr / AnSubtitleCopy status
1P-18371 / / 2001In library
2P-32732 / / 2002On the Jewish Question in a Disputed Territory; Marc Chagall. Reconstruction from within; The Holocaust in Romania. New Studies, Testimonies and Documents; The Six Day War Seen from Communist Bucharest;...In library
3P-32743 / / 2003The Diffusion of Holocaust Denial from West to East; Attitudes of the Different Christian Cults to the Holocaust; Moshe Idel: Four Lectures on Kabbalah; From Wagner to Hitler: Impact of Wagner's Anti-Semitism on Politics and CultureIn library
4P-32754 / / 2004Being a minority in the 21st century; Comparative approach to multicultural philosophy; Good Jew, bad Jew. Essay in ethnic imagology; The Holocaust, the Europeans' memory and history writing in the postwar era; ...In library
5P-3394 / 5 / 2006Reconsidering "totalitarianism": preliminary remarks; The speculative theory of ethno-nation; Hate in Belleville; On the drama of double cultural identityIn library
6P-4919 / 6 / 2006Anti-Semitism under Crescent and Cross in the Middle Ages; Ransoming Captives in Jewish, Christian and Moslem Tradition; Communal Autonomy of the Jewish Millet in the Ottoman-Turkish TraditionIn library
7P-4976 / 9-10/ 2009-2010 / 2011On the preservation of Synagogue Art; The modernist Jewish quarter of Budapest (1928-1944); Bucharest's lost synagogues; How vampires became JewishIn library
Publisher:Universitatea din Bucuresti
Published in:2001-2004;2006Location:BucurestiEdition:-
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Pages:cca 208 p.
Editor:Felicia Waldman